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Health Education

  • s. 1002.20(3)(d) AND s. 1003.42(2)(n): procedures for a parent to withdraw his or her minor child from any portion of the school district’s comprehensive health education that that relates to sex education or instruction in acquired immune deficiency syndrome education or any instruction regarding sexuality if the parent provides a written objection to his or her minor child’s participation. Such procedures must provide for a parent to be notified in advance of such course content so that he or she may withdraw his or her minor child from those portions of the course.

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School Choice Options

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school district instructional materials

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Student Records

  • s. 1002.222(1)(a) : the right of a parent to opt out of any district-level data collection relating to his or her minor child not required by law.

    • CCPS does not collect any student data other than what is required by law.