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    The Machining Apprenticeship Program has been designed to fill the gaps of skills within the current workforce and provide you, the employers, an opportunity to invest in your current and future employees by nominating them to attend the apprenticeship program. This program will be offered during the traditional school year on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5:00-8:00pm.  The Apprentice Program is 4 years in length, however employers and iTECH/CME are provided an opportunity to shorten the length based on current knowledge, experiences, and position qualification within the organization. 

    Areas of focus include:
    • Manual milling
    • Manual lathes
    • Surface grinders
    • CNC mills and lathes
    • Blueprint reading
    • CAD and CAM training
    • Inspection and layout
    • Plus alternate machining methods

    Machining apprentices will receive hands-on learning in our machining lab. Areas of focus will include operation of manual milling, manual lathes, surface grinders, CNC mills and lathes, blueprint reading, CAD and CAM training, inspection and layout, plus alternate machining methods.

    In addition to completing the machining apprenticeship program from the college, we train students to achieve NIMS industry recognized credentials which include the following:

    • Measurement, Materials and Safety
    • Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout
    • Drill Press I
    • Turning Between Centers
    • Turning Chucking
    • Milling I
    • Surface Grinding I
    • CNC Lathe Operations
    • CNC Lathe Programming Setup and Operations
    • CNC Mill Operations
    • CNC Mill Programming Setup and Operation
  • Directions to the Center for Manufacturing Excellence:

    Address: Parkway Plaza 4945 Golden Gate Parkway, Suite 113 Naples, Florida 34116

    Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.


If your organization/company is interested in sponsoring an employee, please contact us.

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