Student possession of electronic devices on school grounds and school buses is a privilege for communication with parents and/or law enforcement and/or for the purpose of teacher-directed and approved research and instructional practice. Electronic devices include but are not limited to the following: cell phones; computers; smart watches; portable game units; digital media players, other mechanisms that enable users to communicate electronically person-to-person or through internet social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter). In order to preserve the proper educational environment and prevent disturbances, the following conditions must be observed:


    1. Electronic devices are to be powered off and NOT to be used during instructional time for personal use. Use during any other part of the school day is at the discretion of each Principal.

    2. Electronic devices are to be powered off and silenced on District buses except as authorized by the driver.

    3. The Principal may grant permission to use a cellular phone in the presence of an administrator for an emergency when other means of communication are not available (e.g., school phone).

    4. The use of electronic devices while at school or on buses to record sound or visual images without the consent of the person being recorded or photographed is strictly prohibited.

    5. The student may be disciplined for inappropriate content stored on electronic devices brought to school, school functions, and/or on the school bus.

    6. The following will result in student discipline at school: A. refusal to turn off an electronic device when told to by a teacher, administrator, coach, counselor, or other school official; B. damaging an electronic device owned by the school; C. causing a disruption; using an electronic device to cheat, including getting and giving answers to tests and copying from the internet; D. using the electronic device to bully, threaten, harass, attack another student or school personnel whether or not communicated directly to that person; E. sending (or asking to receive) pictures or videos of people 2023-2024 Code of Student Conduct – Page 27 who are partially or completely undressed, or are pretending to or actually performing a sexual act.

    7. The school may impose consequences to students who misuse electronic devices away from school on their own time if both of the following are true:

    The student’s use of the electronic device causes significant disruption at school or serious emotional, physical, or psychological harm to the school, other students, or school personnel and the student knew, or should have known, that the harm would happen.

    8. All school issued devices are for educational and instructional purposes only. Students are responsible for their devices and the contents searched and stored on their devices. Inappropriate use is strictly prohibited.

    9. All Technology/Internet Use policies will be strictly enforced concerning student electronic devices.


    Loss/Theft of personal items at school or on the bus is not the responsibility of the school or District.