• Logging work and Volunteer Hours:

    1. Complete and submit this log: Volunteer Work Log.docx
    2. For Volunteer hours, attach a letter for volunteer hours that includes dates worked, total number of hours, the organization and the contact information for the person who oversaw the hours. The overseer should sign the letter.
    3. For work hours, attach time cards that easily identify the work place’s name, contact person and contact information.
    4. If logging hours for Bright Futures, remember only Bright Futures decides whether or not they will accept the hours. There is some general guidance on the log. A Bright Futures Candidate needs at least 75-100 volunteer hours or 100 work hours. This is listed as a base amount. Keep working or volunteering and continue your log if it is working! Here is the website with the Bright Futures requirements: https://www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org/PDF/FAS-FMS.pdf


    If you are submitting hours for Bright Futures, remember there are types of volunteer and work that are not allowable. Some of these are listed on the log. For both the Medallion and the Scholar Grants, you will need a combination of 100 work and volunteer hours. If you are applying for the Medallion, just 75 volunteer only hours are acceptable.

    Thank you for all the service you are doing in your communities!