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    It is that time again! Remember it is first come, first served during these appointments. I am told that FSW is opening a new scheduler on March 5, which means you can go in to look for your classes.

    I am doing things a bit differently this time to help you out, hopefully. You can come to the meeting with the adobe sign already completed. I will only be checking your courses. It is your responsibility:

    1) To double-check CRNs and time frames to be sure it does not conflict with any courses on the high school or college side. If there are conflicts, you will need to drop your FSW course. Also, remember that the Subject/Course should be written like this, ENC1101, the section is 3 digits, and the CRN is 5 digits.

    2) To be sure you are on track for an associate's degree, if that is what you are pursuing. You need to speak with the Academic Advisor at FSW to be sure you are on track or to get an idea of what you should take when.

    3) To check the courses and the professors prior to coming to the meeting. The scheduler should be here:

    Rate my professor (If you would like to use it) is here:

    4) Double check you have not already taken the course you signed up for. This is not allowed.

    5) You have met all the pre-requisites for the courses you choose.

    6) Do not submit until the meeting. I will not sign it if you do not meet and will not sign it before we meet. When you need to send it to me, my email is and my name is Deloris Sudnick. Some unknowingly put their email in when the program is asking for mine--read carefully. You will submit it at the meeting. I will then hold it until your registration date.

    During the meeting, I will be speaking with you about how to meet your high school requirements while at FSW and what your plan is. I will also check the Adobe Sign for errors in methodology. For example, your birthdate is written as 6/7/2007 and not 7/6/2024. You should know your birthdate.

    Now that you have read all of that, you can: Schedule Appointment

    If you have any questions, please email me.

    Miss Sudnick

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