Collier County Public Schools’ Media Specialists create and maintain quality school library programs that foster the love of reading and the effective use of ideas and information by students and faculty.  Specifically, Media Specialists support teaching and learning by:

    • providing intellectual and physical access to materials in a variety of formats
    • providing instruction to stimulate interest in reading and promoting advances in information literacy skills
    • involving other educators in designing learning strategies that meet the needs of individual students

    Professional Learning Department

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    Email:  ProfessionalLearning@collierschools.com  


    (updated November 14, 2023)

    In accordance with Florida House Bill 1069, Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) has been conducting an extensive review of materials available at our 50+ media centers. The State has made clear the potential punishment for non-compliance is a third degree felony (FL Statute 847.12). 


    Each of our schools employs a media specialist who is part of our instructional staff, has earned their Florida Teacher Certification, and continually promotes and maintains a dynamic, richly diverse, up-to-date collection to support the academic and reading needs of students. All of our media specialists have completed the required Florida Department of Education training relating to the selection of materials. One portion of the training references the requirement for each district school board to adopt procedures for developing library media collections.

    As stated, this review is to ensure our media collections align with State law. Once this review is complete, staff will only need to examine any new items being considered for media collections

    Below is the list of titles that have been removed based on the parameters outlined in Florida House Bill 1069 and that do not meet Florida Statute 847.001(19). This list contains the sources used to review the book titles, examples of the review language, as well as the specific examples of explicit sexual content including corresponding page numbers that led to the removal. The changes are effective immediately; however, the district is doing an additional review of titles. If it is determined these materials should remain in the CCPS collection, then CCPS media specialists will be notified.  

    The books that have been removed from our media centers will remain in storage at the schools.


    Click here to learn more about the CCPS Classics Reading List


    Parents and community members who are residents of Collier County who wish to object to a particular book in a Collier County Media Center can click here to access the Media Center Book Objection Form.

    Objectors may contact Professional Learning prior to submitting an objection to determine if a book is housed in a Collier County Media Center.