• Reading Endorsement 

    The reading endorsement process is designed to provide instructional personnel with the strategies and tools that will enable students to engage with and comprehend complex texts.  This process is built upon the foundation of reading and writing and accessibility to the Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) given the right context and supports.
    Reading endorsement consists of 5 competencies:
    • NG Competency 1 – Foundations of Reading Instruction
    • NG Competency 2 – Application of Research-Based Instructional Practices
    • NG Competency 3 – Foundations of Assessment
    • NG Competency 4 – Foundations & Application of Differentiated Instruction
    • NG Competency 5 – Demonstration of Accomplishment 
    The first 4 courses may be taken in any order.  NG Competency 5 must be taken last as it is the demonstration of accomplishment of all of the performance indicators included in the first 4 courses.
    NG Competencies 1, 2, 3, and 4 are offered once each fall, spring, and summer.  NG Competency 5 is offered only in the fall and spring as it includes site-based observations.