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    Visitors are welcome in our school at all times. We do require that visitors report to the school office upon entering the building. For the safety of our students, all visitors will be required to leave their driver's license or car keys in the office. In exchange, you will receive an official Visitor Identification Badge. Before you leave, check out in the office and exchange the Visitor Identification Badge for your driver's license or keys. ALL visitors must sign in through the main office and wear a Visitor Identification Badge at all times.


    Change of Address

    It is very important, for emergency and administrative reasons that every child maintain an up-to-date address record at the school office. Notify the school immediately if you have a change of address or phone number during the school year.


    Early Pick-Up

    Parents who need to pick their child up during the school day should report to the office and sign out the child. The office will call for the child. Please inform the teacher by note if you are planning to pick your child up early. Please notify the office before 2:00 P.M., on the day early pick-up is necessary. If a child is to be picked up by someone other than a parent, advance arrangements must be made with the office. Positive identification is always required.


    School Advisory Council (SAC)

    This organization includes parents, teachers and community members who meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of concern to Sabal Palm Elementary School. It will undertake the task of assembling a variety of informational materials on education, including theories, research and current trends. Once this has been done, the committee will make recommendations regarding educational priorities, to assist in assessing school needs, to help identify local resources and to assist in the preparation of the school improvement plan. This plan is designed to meet the state education goals and student performance standards. If you would like more information please contact the office. Visit the web page.


    Wednesday is Communication Day

    A weekly communication packet will be sent home each Wednesday throughout the school year. The purpose of this packet is to provide a weekly means to let you know what special events and activities are taking place in our school. Some packets may contain samples of school work, newsletters, and other information. Parents are expected to sign the packet envelope and return it to school on Friday morning.



    If you would like to become a school voluteer please contact Deb Phillips and the front office. For more information about volunteering, please see www.collierschools.com/community/volunteer.asp


    Florida’s Path to Success: http://www.floridapathtosuccess.org/

    Visit the Florida’s Path to Success website to find out more information about Florida’s transition to tougher standards and higher expectations. The website features a letter from Commissioner Robinson, timelines about Florida’s education system, a question and answer page, and video from a Florida public school parent.


    DOE Parent Portal by Novachi: http://parents.fldoe.org/home

    In partnership with Novachi, the department is launching the DOE Parent Portal. This public forum is designed for parents to ask questions and voice ideas at the state level. The portal features a parent blog, discussion board, and announcements page with more education resources coming soon. Parents may logon for access to this free user-friendly site.


    DOE Just for Parents E-mail

    This e-mail address is especially for Florida’s parents to get answers, voice opinions and share ideas with the department. Send an e-mail to justforparents@fldoe.org