• Summer is now well under way! As everyone takes some time to rest and recharge, CCPS wants to make sure students have learning activities to help them Gear Up for the Next School Year. These engaging district-developed activities are voluntary and will preview upcoming instructional content while providing opportunities for students to practice skills that will help them to be successful in school next year. Visit www.collierschools.com/GearUp to learn more.

    The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) recently released third grade Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) English Language Arts results. Despite the unique challenges of the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our District maintained focus and continues to excel in academic achievement. CCPS outperformed the state in the percentage of students scoring at level 3 or above. We are #CCPSProud of the resilience and hard work of individual students, schools, and the overall District performance.

    If you have an incoming Pre-K or Kindergarten student or know of someone who has a child that will be a new student to the District, we encourage early completion of the student registration process. Waiting until the last minute may delay a child's ability to start school on the first day. Visit www.collierschools.com/registration for a list of required documents and instructions for the easy online registration process.

    Continue enjoying your summer!


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