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    What your child is learning in second grade?

    Here are a few examples:
    • Understands the timeline and contributions of Native American tribes, the impact of immigration in America, and the daily life of people living in Colonial America.
    • Explains that living things are found all over Earth, but each must live in a habitat that has its basic needs for survival.
    • Expands vocabulary and understanding by reading independently, discussing the facts and events in books and writing about them.
    • Reads and writes numerals up to 1,000 and understands place value of those numbers.
    • Fluently adds and subtracts within 1,000 and uses various strategies for addition and subtraction within 1,000.

    How to Help Your Child Do Better

    •  Listen to your child read books from school.  Help him/her figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words.
    • Ask and answer questions about the books your child reads and talk about interesting characters, events and topics.
    • Ask you child to retell and write about the events and information from a variety of books.
    • If you have a computer in your home, have your child practice typing short responses to questions on the computer.  Practice keyboarding skills.
    • Practice strategies for addition and subtraction facts.
    • Use a ruler, tape measure, and yard stick to measure different objects around the house in inches and centimeters.
    • Go over your child's school papers with him every day and ask him to read them to you.