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  • What your Child is Learning in Kindergarten

    Here are a few examples:
    • Understands that people in a community live, learn and work together as they develop an understanding of rules, laws and positive character traits of citizenship.
    • Knows that in order to learn it is important to observe the same things often and compare them.
    • Use letters and relationships to sounds to read and write words and sentences.
    • Counts to 100 out loud and matches objects to numbers up to 20. 

     How to help your child do better

    • Identify spoken words that begin with the same sound (cat/coat)
    • Practice pointing to and naming upper case and lower case letters while reading.
    • Practice reading grade level sight words.
    • Read stories and factual books to your child.  Ask and answer questions about the books and write about them.
    • If you have a computer in your home, have your child practice typing short responses to questions on the computer.
    • Help them look for patterns (red, green, and red green) in the world around them
    • Help them identify and describe shapes (e.g. circle, triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere)
    • Add and subtract small quantities of items with your child.  Use beans, dry pasta, buttons and pennies.
    • Help him put items in a story in sequence, what came first, second, third,etc.