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    What is your child learning in third grade?

    Here are a few examples:
    • Understands the geographic regions in North America and the Caribbean including both physical systems(climate) and human systems(cultural characteristics).
    • Classifies animals into major groups according to their physical characteristics and behaviors
    • Apply multiple strategies to accurately read, understand and write about a variety of literary and informational books (texts).
    • Represents fractions using different models.
    • Uses multiplication and division strategies for basic facts. 

    How to help your child do better

    • Stay in close contact with your child's teacher.  Ask the teacher  to show you your child's math and reading papers and tests.
    • Talk to your child about what he/she is reading.  Define and discuss the meaning of new words.
    • Encourage your child to write about the characters, events, or topics in books that have been read.
    • If you have a computer in your home have your child practice typing short response to questions on the computer.  Practice keyboarding skills.
    • Talk about everyday situations that involve multiplying and dividing.
    • Share and discuss graphs and tables that appear in newspapers, magazines and other resources.