• Purchasing Department

    David W. Nara, Director 
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Administrative Building
    5775 Osceola Trail, Naples, FL 34109
    Vendors should be advised that CCPS is adhering to several social distancing guidelines and may not permit in-person meetings and/or deliveries. Long delays in mail delivery should be expected. If documents need to be delivered, with the exception of solicitation responses**, vendors are encouraged to submit via to the following Departments: 
    **Solicitation responses shall be submitted per the instructions of the solicitation document. 
    Invoices & Statements: AccountsPayable@CollierSchools.Com

    Purchasing Items (Not Including Sealed Bids) May Be Emailed To: Purchasing@CollierSchools.Com

    Budget Items: BudgetDepartment@CollierSchools.Com

    Other Department Items: CollierSchools.Com/Departments


    If you have any questions, concerns, or are unsure of the correct Department, please send your inquiry to: FinancialServices@CollierSchools.Com and it will be forwarded to the correct department for response.

    Thank you for your patience, CCPS Purchasing Staff 



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    Mission Statement
    The primary mission of the Purchasing Department is to provide all schools and departments with responsive customer service and to purchase the requested product or service at the right time, from the best source, for the lowest and best possible price; and then to assist the requisitioner in the acquisition of commodities and administration of services, as required in meeting School Board and District policies, standards and priorities.
    Cone Of Silence During Competitive Selection Process
    A cone of silence is hereby established for all competitive selection processes including Invitations to Bids (ITB), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Qualifications (RFQu), Request for Quotes (RFQ), and Invitations to Negotiate (ITN) for the provision of goods and services. The cone of silence is designed to protect the integrity of the procurement process by shielding it from undue influences prior to the recommendation of contract award. This cone of silence shall be imposed on these procurements after advertisement of same. For current active listings, see above "Solicitation Information" or Click Here. See also Board Policy 6324.