Code of Student Conduct

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    Department of Student Relations
    Telephone (239) 377-0541 • Email

    In accordance with the mandate required by Florida Law, all students attending Collier County Public Schools will be provided access to the Code of Student Conduct handbook, hereinafter referred to as the Code. The Code provides for recognition of the rights of the student, including the right to learn. It provides for the recognition of responsibilities of students in respect to the rights of others and in respect to the obligation of all the schools to provide the order necessary for meaningful and effective instruction and learning. 
    All Collier County Schools shall follow the Code in development of their individual school handbooks. Students receive this information so they may fully understand their responsibilities and rights. Schools accomplish their educational purposes in a learning climate in which the rights and responsibilities of each individual are known and respected. Implicit in these rights is the  responsibility of respecting the rights of others. The primary function of the public schools is to  provide an equal educational opportunity for all students. Education cannot take place unless there is an atmosphere of good order and discipline described as the absence of distractions and disturbances, which interfere with the optimum functioning of the student, the class, and/or the school.
    As students progress through school, it is reasonable to assume that an increase in age and maturity carries with it a greater responsibility for one's actions. Differences in age and maturity determine in part the type of disciplinary action to be taken. The procedures outlined in the Code apply to all students in Collier County Public Schools.
    The Code is in force while the student is traveling to and from school, including, but not necessarily limited to, school-sponsored events, field trips, athletic functions, and other activities where appropriate administrators have jurisdiction over students. Additionally, the Principal has the authority to take administrative action when a student's misconduct away from school is having, or could have, a detrimental effect on the other students or on the orderly educational process. Students on Out-of-School Suspension or who are expelled, or who are placed at an alternative site in lieu thereof, may not enter or be within 1,000 feet of any unassigned school campus at any time.
    Good order and discipline are best thought of as being positive, not negative; of helping a student to adjust, rather than to punish; of turning unacceptable conduct into acceptable conduct. It is also the presence of a friendly yet businesslike atmosphere in which students and school personnel work cooperatively toward mutually recognized and accepted goals.
    Throughout the Code, the term “parents” includes legal guardians or other persons standing in loco parent is (such as a grandparent or stepparent with whom the child lives, or a person who is legally responsible for the welfare of the child).