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       Manatee Creed


    Manatee Creed

    I pledge today to show that I am a good Manatee citizen.
    I will be responsible for my actions.
    I will be kind and caring. 
    I will learn and help others to learn.
    I will respect and accept the differences of others. 
    I will take care of our school and its property. 
    Then I’ll be the best I can be at Manatee. 

    Positive Behavior Support 

     What is Positive Behavior Support?

    Positive Behavior Support is a new way of looking at behavior.  It uses many approaches to replace challenging behavior with appropriate behavior -- respecting the person, giving attention to positive behavior, ignoring negative behavior (when possible), finding out the purpose of the behavior, and teaching new skills.

    For further information about about PBS from the Florida Department of Education click here. 
    Parents Partnering in PBS  



    1. Remember 5 positives to 1 negative
    2. Set the stage for success, reward the effort
    3. Give clear, specific directions
    4. Stay calm, use a calm voice - - Nagging gets you nowhere!
    5. Set reasonable limits-- Avoid using "always" or "never"
    6. Be CONSISTENT    "Yes means Yes and No means No" 
    7. Set the example-- Actions speak louder than words
    8. Proactively anticipate situations
    9. Have patience -- A little goes a long way
    10. Have fun and enjoy the ride!