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    Dear GTE Community,
    It is the intent of the Golden Terrace Elementary School Counselors to support our students in the areas of Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Development so that they may become responsible members of a diverse community. We support and focus on the needs, interests, and issues related to the various stages of student growth.  We are certified professionals who assist students, teachers, families, and administrators. GTE counselors promote educational success by supporting the development of academic skills, interpersonal skills, and self-understanding.  We also educate students in decision making, problem solving, goal setting, self-esteem, and educational opportunities.
     GTE counselors provide individual counseling. Individual Counseling is personal and private interaction between a counselor and a student in which they work together on problems or topics of interest.  School Counselors establish trust and build a helping relationship during one or more sessions.  These face to face interactions with a counselor provide a student with the privacy in which to freely explore ideas, feelings and behaviors.  Counselors respect the privacy of information; however counselors are under obligation by law and ethical standards to report when a person's well being and welfare is in jeopardy.
    GTE counselors provide small group counseling. Group counseling involves a counselor working with two or more students.  Group discussion can be based on structured learning activities during which participants can share ideas, give and receive feedback, increase their awareness, gain new knowledge, learn positive behaviors, and practice skills.  These groups provide an opportunity for students to learn from each other.
    GTE counselors also oversee all major testing of our students such as the FSA, Naglieri, SAT 10, and both the Collier and FCAT Writes. These tests are crucial in student achievement and academic needs. Below are some tips to assist with preparation for these upcoming tests. In January, guidance department will start conducting student workshops for test preparation. Should you wish to have your child participate in these workshops, please contact the guidance department at GTE.
    We as counselors realize that many of our families face issues that they need support for. We at GTE want our families to feel supported. Naples Alliance for Children is a local association that has a service directory for local organizations that may assist families with issues like family counseling, court and legal services, divorce, financial concerns, homelessness, housing, employment and many other services that are too many to name. Families may go to their website www.napleschild.org and locate “resource directory” on the navigation bar. It will then take them to a drop down menu to locate their concern. Once a selection has been submitted, a list of area organizations that provide assistance will be displayed along with their contact info.

    Best wishes for a wonderful school year!

    Most Sincerely,
    GTE Guidance Department
    Dr. George Malless & Mrs. Suzette Facey