Mission Statement
    The mission of the CCPS Physical Education Program is to offer varied fitness and skill development opportunities so all students can develop healthy optimal levels of fitness, while instilling a desire to make wellness, physical activity and fitness a life long journey. It is our belief that all children in grades K-12 should have the opportunity to participate in a quality physical education program to accomplish this mission.

    The goals of CCPS’ Physical Education Program are as follows:

    • To align our curriculum, instruction and assessment in accordance with Florida Standards and Benchmarks
    • To have all students with all abilities develop their optimal level of all components of fitness
    • To help all students with all abilities develop, improve or maintain their motor and movement skills
    • To incorporate the four strands of Physical Education - cognitive abilities, movement concepts, lifetime fitness and responsible behaviors and values in our program at every level
    • To help develop physical, mental/emotional and social skills for all students of all abilities
    • To prepare our students for a lifetime journey to include an optimal fitness lifestyle

    General Information
    Fitness and Wellness are emphasized in all areas of Collier County’s Physical Education Program. The student’s individual level of fitness and capabilities along with their safety and welfare are of utmost importance.

    Our physical education program is grade level and developmentally appropriate for all students grades K-12. We offer a large variety of skill building, sports, dance, gymnastics, activities and games; all of which contribute to the overall fitness of the students involving both health and skill related components of fitness.

    Each grade level curriculum is aligned with Florida Standards/Benchmarks for Physical Education and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Standards. We are also in compliance with Florida Statues and laws pertaining to physical education.

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    District Physical Education Board Policy:

    District School Board of Collier County Wellness Plan: