Parent Involvement

  • Parent volunteers are needed for the Pre-K program to be successful. You can volunteer in many capacities.

    • Help with school projects at home or in the classroom   
    • Attend and participate in Policy Council
    • Attend Parent Committee meetings
    • Assist with activities in the classroom
    • Assist with field trips

    Please fill out an in-kind form for any and all volunteer hours. All family members and friends may participate for your child’s benefit.

    You are valuable to us! 

    Your volunteer hours provide the program with in-kind match at the rate of $17.36 for every hour you participate!

    Here are some tips to remember when volunteering:

    • Plan to attend the parent training on Volunteering in the classroom that will be offered at the beginning of the year
    • Be dependable and arrive as planned
    • Do not use this time to conference with the teacher
    • Please set an appointment when you need to discuss your child’s progress
    • Keep any information you may have learned about children confidential
    • Do not discuss children away from the classroom
    • Follow the teacher and assistant’s lead in how to work with children and activities. If you disagree with something, wait until the end of the day to discuss it with the teacher
    • Sign and complete time/type of activity on volunteer log/in kind form each time you volunteer

    Safety First

    In order to volunteer in the Pre-K program, you will need to register on the District website.  Under the Parent tab you should select the Community Involvement page to complete your on-line volunteer application. Head Start volunteers will be asked to complete a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire.  This questionnaire will be reviewed by our Health Specialist to insure that all of our volunteers meet Head Start health guidelines. Please ask the Family Service Worker for assistance, if needed.