Maternity ~ Parental Leave
    The following two documents must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your first day of anticipated leave: 
    1. Leave Request Cover Sheet and Acknowledgement Form: Fill out the top portion, date and sign.
    2. Physician’s Statement: Dated and signed by your doctor/midwife indicating your estimated due date.


    Fax or email completed forms to (239) 377-0384 or simsj1@collierschools.com.

    Please call Jenna Sims if you have any questions regarding maternity/parental leaves at (239) 377-0388.


    Please review the following documents:;


    Changes to Your Benefits:

    The birth of a child qualifies as a "life event", and certain changes can be made to your benefits. These changes must be made within 30 days after the birth of your child. Changes include:


    • Medical Insurance- You may add your spouse or additional children to your medical plan.
    • Life Insurance - You may add life insurance for your child. In order to do so, you would need to elect Voluntary Life insurance for yourself or your spouse.
      • You may change your beneficiaries at any time by accessing the CCPS Portal.
    • Flexible Spending Account - You may enroll in or allocate additional funds towards your Flexible Spending Account.
    View your current benefits in the CCPS Portal.  

    Adding Your Baby to Your Medical Insurance:

    You have 30 days from the date of birth to add your child to your medical plan. Please state in writing via email or fax that you would like to add your child to your medical plan, and send your request to Jenna Sims at simsj1@collierschools.com. Please include your child’s name and date of birth. If you already have dependents on your plan, please indicate if they will remain on your plan in addition to adding your newborn. Please specify if your spouse works for CCPS and if you will have two or more children on your plan. This qualifies you for Dual Spouse rates. You will need to submit a copy of the official birth certificate within 30 days and the baby’s social security number within 45 days of the birth.



    Effective 1/1/2020




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    Information While you are on Leave: 

    Employee Medical Coverage: If eligible and approved for FMLA, Board contributions for your medical coverage will continue for 12 weeks. If your leave extends beyond the 12 weeks of FMLA, Dan Davidson, Benefits Manager, will send you a bill for the premium amount to continue your coverage. You also have the option of dropping coverage while you are on leave; however, when you return to work it will be your responsibility to contact the Benefits Office at 239-377-0340 to reinstate your insurance benefits.

    Dependent Medical Coverage: You may continue medical coverage for your dependents by paying the premium bill through Dan Davidson. He will bill you for the total amount due; however, monthly payments may be arranged. You also have the option of dropping dependent coverage while you are on leave; however, when you return to work it will be your responsibility to contact the Benefits Office at 239-377-0340 to reinstate your dependent coverage. If you elect dependent coverage when you return to work, payroll deductions will resume.
    Voluntary Benefits: You may continue certain voluntary products by paying the premium bill through Dan Davidson. You also have the option of dropping voluntary benefit coverage while you are on leave; however, when you return to work it will be your responsibility to contact the enrollment company, US Enrollment Services, at 1-800-282-0732 to re-enroll.


    Please contact the following Benefits Representatives:

    Billing questions:

    To reinstate or to make changes to your insurance benefits: 


    14 Day Short Term Disability - The Standard:

    If you are enrolled in Short Term Disability, contact The Standards's Claim Intake Service Center at 1-800-378-2395 or go to www.standard.com and click on "File a Claim". For additional informatino, refer to the below link for a flyer on "How to File a STD Claim".  


    Short Term Disability benefits are paid for maternity leave if you are restricted from working before or after the birth of the child due to a medical reason. Benefits are also paid for maternity leave after the birth (6 weeks for natural deliveries without complications or 8 weeks for cesarean deliveries without complications - minus the 14-day waiting period).  

    For additional information, visit https://www.collierschools.com/Page/12204


     Other Benefits:

    If you have Accident, Critical Illness, or Hospital Indemnity Insurance, you are eligible to receive money for a wellness visit with your doctor. Hospital Indemnity insurance also allows you to receive money for your hospital visit. For more information, visit:

    The claim instructions and claim forms are on the Benefits Forms webpage under Accident Insurance, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity: https://www.collierschools.com/Page/5318


    Email access while on leave:

    Please refrain from using the CCPS email system while on maternity leave. Any email correspondence should be through your personal email address until you return to work.

    Helpful Resources: