University of Cambridge International Examinations

    Cambridge in the U.S.A.

    Below showcases the two Cambridge programs that are available to Golden Gate H.S. students:

    Cambridge Secondary 2

    Cambridge IGCSE

    (referred to in Florida as Pre-AICE)

    Cambridge Advanced

    Cambridge International AS Level

    (referred to in Florida as AICE)


    Students who participate in the Cambridge AICE Program have the opportunity to participate in Pre-AICE – known as IGCSE in England - as well as AICE courses during their high school career. Generally, students who are in the 9th and 10th grade enroll in Pre-AICE courses which are designed to prepare students for the more difficult AICE courses that they will take during their 11th and 12th grade year. In Collier County, Pre-AICE courses carry the same grade point average waiting as an honors level course and AICE courses carry the same grade point average waiting as an Advanced Placement course. All AICE courses do not necessarily require enrollment in a Pre-AICE course. This can allow some students the opportunity to enroll in AICE courses as early as 9th grade. The Cambridge AICE Program allows students an opportunity to participate in an AICE course and earn university credit on a subject-by-subject basis.


    At the Cambridge Advanced level, there are two college credit options available: Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level and/or the Advanced (A) Level. Golden Gate High School currently offers the AS Level.  Upon successful completion of an AS Level AICE Examination, students earn one full credit towards a Cambridge AICE Diploma.