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    Technology integration in the curricula entails that the teachers and students seamlessly use technology as a tool that promotes higher-order thinking and accomplishes an academic target. In our constantly changing world, it is essential that Collier County Public Schools keep current with the latest research and technology innovations if higher student achievement is to be realized. The school district has four Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS) that:


    • Research the latest technology to identify how it can be utilized in the classroom to facilitate teaching and learning.
    • Assist teachers in the development of strategies using technology to enable students to achieve academically and to also become technology literate as defined by the ISTE student technology standards.
    • Provide training to instructional staff in the use of appropriate instructional technologies and appropriate classroom management techniques to facilitate teaching and student learning
    • Integrate instructional technology into all appropriate content areas through collaboration with supervisors, coordinators and teachers.
    • Assist in the implementation of the latest technologies in the classrooms by creating training materials in a variety of formats, developing training sessions, and providing the training and follow up support.
    • Act as a liaison between the schools and the Instructional Technology Department.
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    Each elementary school has an Instructional Resource (IR) teacher responsible for integrating the ISTE/NETS student technology standards into the curriculum.  IR teachers meet quarterly with curriculum and district staff to align technology projects in support of district and school improvement goals.  Utilizing a wiki, IR teachers continually collaborate on project ideas and share their professional development needs.

    The most important factor in the achievement of our students is the effectiveness of the teachers and principals who serve them. As Collier County educators and administrators continually aim for higher student achievement, their professional learning plays a significant role in attaining this goal.