• Paying for college is not always easy. College costs rise each year and many students and their families need some form of financial assistance to help pay these costs. The following suggestions will help facilitate the financial aid process: 
    • Students should contact their school counselor to inquire about state student assistance programs and other available financial aid or visit the Scholarship List page.

    • Students should contact the college/university they want to attend and request a financial aid application packet. The packet will provide them with information about the financial aid programs the school offers and the forms they will need to complete. 

    • Each College will request that students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) . Some colleges will also require completion of other documents so be sure to contact the college to inquire about other forms they require. 

    • Application processing can take four weeks to four months from the date the completed forms are mailed before the student is notified of his or her award. 

    • If possible, students should apply for financial aid in January or February before the year they plan to begin college. A late application may reduce the amount of money the student ultimately receives. The earlier students apply the better chance they will have of being considered for all available programs. Some programs are open for application throughout the year. 

    • Students who are looking for financial assistance for summer terms should apply for financial aid in the fall of their senior year. Contact the college financial aid office for more specific instructions.