• Advanced Studies and Gifted Learners 


     Advanced Studies and Gifted Learners
    Preparing Students for Their Futures
    Collier County Public Schools strives to provide exceptional educational opportunities that motivate and engage each student.  In this way, all students will be prepared for ongoing learning as well as community and global responsibilities.
    The Advanced Studies and Gifted Education Department ensures high expectations and academic achievement for gifted and high-achieving learners. These students are grouped on the basis of achievement and interest in specific content areas.  While all CCPS instruction is informed by the Florida Standards, the content, pacing, and expected student outcomes for our advanced and Cambridge courses differ from other courses in the same content area.  Differentiation in these courses is based on the students' potential and needs. 
    Click on the following links for more information on how we support students who are advanced and learners identified as gifted.
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