• Students Identified as Gifted Learners 
    The goals of  CCPS are to increase the proficiency of all students by providing them with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through learning opportunities and research valued by students, parents, and communities, and to maintain an accountability system that measures student progress toward the following goals:
    • Highest student achievement
    • Seamless articulation and maximum access
    • Skilled workforce and economic development 
    Students who are gifted have learning needs that go beyond what is traditionally offered in the regular classroom. The nature of their abilities, demonstrated or latent, requires differentiated learning experiences and opportunities for them to maximize their potential. Teachers need to develop the depth and quality of their students' experiences while adjusting the pace to meet individual needs. This can be accomplished by offering opportunities for students to:  
    • Pursue topics of study in greater depth or to a greater level of cognitive challenge
    • Engage in a wider range of authentic and complex academic tasks that require conceptual and abstract thinking
    • Advance through activities and content at an accelerated pace
    • Develop a sense of self and the possibilities which exist for meaningful contributions to local, national, and global communities 
    • Increase their metacognition skills