Argument Is Encouraged Here

  • All courses at Golden Gate High School demand Academic Writing.  

    The English Department teachers focus on writing growth.  Whether it is through the highly interactive Digital Collections, Achieve 3000 writing component, or writing in response to multiple sources of information.  Our lessons engage students in writing to sources, creating their own texts, and analyzing and critiquing the writing of their peers in a collaborative setting. We practice writing daily, using the organizers and strategies that today’s students use throughout their educational journey in Collier County Schools.  
    Our School Board adopted HMH Collections includes Writing Collections designed to enhance instruction in writing to sources and allow complete integration of reading, listening, speaking, and media to advance literacy skills and assure college and career readiness.
    Throughout the Student Edition and the Close Reader, students are asked to write to sources following the reading of selections. The selection and Collection Performance Tasks also ask students to write to sources.
    Powerful note-taking and annotation functionality facilitates the identification, organization, and inclusion of text evidence in writing. Students can use the eBook annotation tools and then save and organize those annotations in myNotebook to help them complete selection and Collection Performance Tasks.

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