• HMH Collections Online 

    From crafting effective arguments to using technology strategically to participate in face-to-face and digital collaborations, Collections cultivates those 21st-century skills that are essential to students’ success in college and the workplace.

    The level of interactivity provided in Collections is unparalleled in any English Language Arts program. Students literally have at their fingertips interactive instruction and practice with Digital Collections Lessons.  More than an option—the digital experience becomes an integral part of standards achievement.  Digital Collections deliver substantive instruction and practice in such skills as conducting research, evaluating sources, and giving a presentation.

    Dynamic tools in the digital Student Edition and Close Reader allow students to mark and comment on key ideas and note questions for analyzing complex texts. This powerful note-taking and annotation functionality facilitates the identification, organization, and inclusion of text evidence in writing.

    myWriteSmart facilitates collaboration by allowing teachers to set up peer groups whose members can review and comment on each other’s submissions.

    Achieve 3000  App Store

    With the FSA more heavily focused on nonfiction content in the areas of science and social studies, Achieve 3000 is one solution that provides a focus on content-area instruction. With Achieve3000, in Intensive Reading and Intensive Language Arts, students complete a unique routine that allows them to:

    • Work independently on a grade-level topic that is precisely matched to their Lexile® level. This preliminary effort allows students to build reading strategies, and it also prepares them for the grade-appropriate, whole-class instruction that follows.
    • Teachers, implementing an instructional framework called Simple Rigor™, follow the students’ independent work with instruction around the Stretch Article, an unprecedented opportunity for students to interact with the version of the same lesson written at grade-appropriate text complexity.

    And, all Achieve3000 lessons revolve around topics in science, social studies, arts, humanities, careers, and current events, ensuring that students in English courses build discipline-specific and interdisciplinary vocabulary in every lesson.