Leasing School Facilities

  • Welcome to the Collier County Public Schools online lease application site!  Here you will find an overview of the lease program, instructions on completing the application process, and links to the various forms required.

    The School Board encourages the use of District facilities and grounds for educational, civic, cultural, recreational, artistic, and charitable activities and programs to benefit the community.  To the extent practical, District facilities and grounds will be made available for public use when such use:

    • Benefits the students of Collier County or the general public;
    • Does not conflict with the District’s operations, programs, events or activities, and;
    • Is consistent with the vision, beliefs, mission, goals, objectives, policies, and standards of the School Board.

    The Board recognizes there may be costs associated with the use of district facilities.  Therefore, it is also the intent of the Board to ensure that it does not incur any expenditure of funds that would otherwise be applied to the achievement of its primary responsibility to provide for the education of district students.  Our hope is that your ability to access leases via the district website has made the process more convenient.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    Grissell Deibis Lopez
    Facilities Specialist 

    Facilities Management 
    (239) 377-0272 
    Jennifer Brown
    Facilities Specialist
    Facilities Management
    (239) 377-0237
    Sandra Antonacci
    Director of Facilities
    Facilities Management
    (239) 377-0250


    How to Complete the Lease Agreement Process:

    1. Read the District School Board of Collier County’s Use of Facilities Policy and the Use of District Facilities Procedures. 

    2. Complete our digital School Facilities Lease Agreement.  Please complete all required fields; blank fields denote an incomplete application.  This will delay processing. 

        • At the top of the document, the date entered shall be the date on which the document is completed;
        • The second line of the document must list the name of your non-profit organization; this must match all supporting documents;
        • If requesting more than one date, please type “see calendar” on the “Dates Requested” line (please see item #3).
        • For “Anticipated Attendance” refer to item #7;
        • Please sign on the “User Signature” line (do not sign on the lines designated for “Principal or Designee” or “Superintendent or Designee".

    3. Complete the appropriate Facilities Lease Calendar Form:  2023-24 Facilities Lease Calendar OR 2024-25 Facilities Lease Calendar 

        • Please circle all requested dates in ink and verify that the number of dates circled matches the “Number of Uses” entered on the School Facilities Lease Agreement Form.

    4. Provide proof of general liability insurance which meets the following requirements:

        • District School Board of Collier County named as Certificate Holder; Address: 5775 Osceola Trail, Naples, FL. 34109
        • District School Board of Collier County listed as Additional Insured in the Description area of the certificate;
        • Minimum coverage: $1 million per occurrence and $2 million general aggregate;
        • Named Insured must match the name of the non-profit organization listed on the lease agreement.

    5. Provide one of the following methods demonstrating non-profit status:

        • FL. Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption with Category 501(c)3 Organization Exemption; OR
        • Active registration under www.Sunbiz.org

    6. Review the following forms and determine if any apply to your organization. If so, please complete and sign the appropriate form:

    7. Provide documentation of the following Crowd Manager requirements if using indoor District facilities (whichever applies)

    8. Any user of District synthetic turf football/soccer fields at Barron Collier HS, Gulf Coast HS, Immokalee HS, Lely HS, and Naples HS must have a trained turf technician present during every event.

        • Any User may schedule training by contacting the Facilities Management Department at (239) 377-0272.  
        • Synthetic Turf Certification Form (required at BCH, GCH, IHS, LHS, and NHS).

    9. Any user of District Scoreboards must have a trained operator present during every event.

        • Any User may schedule training by contacting the Activities Coordinator at the appropriate school.
        • If scoreboard operators are required, an additional fee of $23 per hour will be charged. If no scoreboard operator is available, the user must meet the following criteria:
        • Be trained to operate the scoreboard by school personnel.
        • Pay a $250.00 security deposit in accordance with Paragraph T of the “General Guidelines and Conditions."
        • Scoreboard Certification Form

    10. See Fee Schedule: Schedule of Fees 2023-2024 OR Schedule of Fees 2024-2025

        • Please do not submit payment until the Facilities Management Department notifies you that your request has been approved.  At that time you will be provided with the total amount due and due date.  Please make all checks payable to “District School Board of Collier County”.
        • As a general rule, a custodian will be onsite for all building use activities. Under certain circumstances, the principal or designee may assign a staff member as a District representative to be present at all times during building use activities.

    11. Please send all completed documents to:

    Grissell Deibis Lopez  
    Facilities Specialist 

    Facilities Management 
    (239) 377-0272 

    [NOTE: Automated External Defibrillator (AED) may not be available during non-school hours.]