• Maintenance and Operations

    Mission Statement:

    We will ensure a safe, secure, fully functional, relevant, efficient, healthy  learning environment for all facility occupants every day by expertly planning,  designing, constructing, maintaining and operating all District facilities. We will  continuously improve our service quality, delivery processes and customer satisfaction every day.


    About Us:

    Operating under Facilities Management, the Maintenance and Operations department houses the personnel and equipment to maintain more than 8 million square feet of facilities. Our department handles over 30,000 work orders each school year.

    The department has five major functions: maintenance of facilities; work control; plant operator support and custodial guidance; safety and environmental services; and energy management.

    The Maintenance and Operations department is open year-round and has locations in Naples and Immokalee. The department employes approximately 115 employees.

    Our Objectives:
    • Complete a five, ten and twenty year capital plan that predicts facility repair and replacement requirements.

    • Maintain staffing that is sufficient to maintain the Districts assets.

    • Inspect facilities and detect “out of cycle” maintenance/repairs and validate scheduled maintenance/repairs. 

    • Complete work in a timely, safe, cost effective and quality manner.

    • Use privatized services where it is cost effective or technically required.

    • Use cost effective purchasing methods for materials and services.


  • Central Warehouse
  • Immokalee
  • Naples
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