Aspiring Leaders 2018
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    The purpose of the Aspiring Leaders Program is to offer selected instructional personnel an opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to function as an Assistant Principal.
    At least once each year, the Office of Professional Learning and Digital Innovation shall advertise for applicants to apply for the Aspiring Leaders Program. Those selected for participation must:
    • Successful teaching experience required as demonstrated by the candidate’s application, references, recommendations, prior evaluations, and interview.
    • Must hold a Florida Educational Leadership Certification and successfully passed the FELE and have initial clinical education training by the conclusion of the Aspiring Leaders Program.
      Must have a minimum of six (6) years full-time school experience in a certified position.
    • District candidates must have completed the Aspiring Leaders Program.
    • Out-of-district candidates must have completed either two years of in-state or three years of out-of-state highly successful administrative experience at the Assistant Principal level as indicated by the candidate’s application, references, prior evaluations, and recommendations. 
    Applications may be obtained from the Office of Professional Learning and Digital Innovation and should be submitted with attached documents as noted.
    • Must have completed five (5) years of successful teaching.
    • Successfully complete the application and interview process.
    • Successfully complete Educational Leadership certification and pass the FELE leadership examination. (Application for administrative positions made at the Completion of the course.)
    • Be recommended for participation by current principal and have satisfactory evaluation ratings for the past two years.
    Based on the participant’s experience, evaluation ratings, and the strength of the principal’s recommendation, the Office of Professional Development & Learning (PDL) shall select participants for the program annually. Should there be any question about an applicant’s qualifications or should there be a need to differentiate between the abilities of two or more candidates, interviews using performance sampling techniques will be scheduled. Selected participants will be notified of said interviews by the coordinator of the program.
    The Aspiring Leaders Program is a one-year program with eight 3-hour sessions throughout the year.
    Topics covered include: An Overview of The 10 Florida Principal Leadership Standards: Vision, Instructional Leadership, Managing the Learning Environment, Community and Stakeholder Partnerships, Decision Making Strategies, Diversity, Technology, Learning, Accountability and Assessment, Human Resource Development and Ethical Leadership. Also included will be an Action Research/Teacher Inquiry project.
    The participant’s current supervisor will become a mentor who provides support and guidance. The participant will be required to shadow his/her mentor a total of one full school day. A journal of the shadowing experience will be submitted for review.
    Training opportunities will be conducted during non-work hours, and participants will receive MIPs (Master In-Service Plan) points. Participants will not receive a stipend for attending. Requirements will include participation in session activities, reflection pieces, and an action research/teacher inquiry project.
    The Aspiring Leaders Program is a one-year program designed to prepare instructional personnel to become teacher-leaders, assistant principals or deans. Eight sessions are scheduled for this year. Each three-hour session will consist of presentation, reflection, sharing, and activity components. All sessions will be held at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Administration Center, 5775 Osceola Trail from 4:30 PM until 7:30 PM. 
    The National Staff Development Council’s standard describes staff development that improves the learning of all students requires skillful school and district leaders who guide continuous instructional improvement. The 10 Florida Principal Leadership Standards describe what a highly principal needs to know and to do. Those standards include leading schools by establishing a vision, setting high expectations, ensuring student achievement, creating a culture of continuous learning, using multiple sources of data, and engaging the community.