Applications for the 2020-2021 school year are due February 3, 2021. 
    Current research consistently indicates that the principal plays a vital role in determining the quality of his/her school. The relationship between principal performance and school quality supports the belief that it is impossible to have a high quality school without an outstanding principal. This belief, along with the projected student growth and anticipated administrative retirements, demands that this district have a successful Leadership Development Program. The Preparing for the Principalship program is designed to prepare assistant principals and deans who have served at least one year in Collier County Public Schools to become principals. This program also prepares individuals to take on the role of district administrators.
    Applications may be obtained from the District web site. The program will begin each August. Meeting the following requirements is necessary before consideration for admission.
    • Hold or be eligible for Florida Educational Leadership Certification or its equivalent. 
    • Complete a minimum of eight (8) years full-time school experience in a certified position with three (3) full years in a school-based administrative position.
    • Demonstrate the qualities outlined in the Florida Principal Leadership Standards.
    • District candidates must have completed both the Leadership 1 and the Preparing for the Principalship Programs.
    • Out-of-district candidates must have completed a minimum of two years of successful administrative experience as an Assistant Principal and/or Principal. 
    • The Superintendent may waive the required school or administrative experience requirements based upon the needs of the district.
    • Have a Masters degree or higher from an accredited university.
    • Hold certification in Educational Leadership or Educational Administration and Supervision.
    • Have at least two (2) complete years of successful experience as an Assistant Principal, or district-level administrator.
    • Be recommended for participation by current principal or supervisor. 
    In August, the Office of Professional Learning and Digital Innovation advertises an orientation meeting for interested participants. The meeting will include an overview of the program and an opportunity for questions and answers. Applications will be reviewed and individuals will be notified of their participation status in the program.
    Training opportunities will be conducted during non-work hours, and participants will receive MIPs (Master In-Service Plan) points. Participants will not receive a stipend for attending. Requirements will include participation in session activities, reflection pieces, and portfolio/folders. The Preparing for the Principalship Program is a two+ year program designed to prepare assistant principals to become principals. The program is developed around the ten Florida Principal Leadership Standards. Eight sessions are scheduled each year. Each session will consist of presentation, reflection, sharing, and activity components. Active participation is expected. 
    Ongoing portfolio demonstration and documentation is an important component of the program. Each participant receives support from his/her Support Team (Leadership Coordinators, current principal, mentor assistant principal and another administrator chosen by the participant.) Program completion is based on recommendations from the Support Team, attendance and participation during each class and the formal presentation of his/her portfolio to his/her Principal Mentor and Director of Professional Learning and Digital Innovation.