Homebound or Hospitalized Services

  • Eligibility for Homebound or Hospitalized Services is based on Florida Statute, State Board Rule 6A-6.03020, FAC, for the provision of individual instruction to currently enrolled students who are unable to attend classes because of a medically diagnosed physical or psychiatric condition which is acute or catastrophic in nature, or a chronic illness or a repeated intermittent illness due to a persisting medical problem  A statement and medical referral documenting the disabling condition, along with a treatment plan, must be provided by a licensed Florida physician.  The physician must certify that:

    • the student is under the treatment of the physician;
    • the student will be confined to home or hospital;
    • is expected to be absent from school for at least fifteen (15) consecutive school days or the equivalent on block schedule;
    • has a chronic condition and is expected to be absent for at least fifteen (15) school days, which will not run consecutively;
    • will be able to participate in and benefit from an instructional program;
    • can receive an instructional program without endangering the health and safety of the instructor or other students with whom the instructor may come in contact; and
    • is enrolled in public school in kindergarten through 12th grade prior to the referral for homebound or hospitalized services.  Eligibility is determined by the eligibility staffing committee. 

    Highly qualified teachers provide instruction designed to assist students to continue progressing academically in the core curriculum while away from their regular school program.  The curriculum for Hospital/Homebound follows the Sunshine State Standards for essential academic skills and core curriculum.


    District Contact
    Emily Kafle, ESE Director
    (239) 377-0135

    Hospital Homebound Forms for Student - Parent - Physician

    Visit the related Florida State Board of Education Rule. Open the Word document to read the Rule.

    Application for Hospital Homebound Instruction 
    Parental Assurances - English   |  Creole   |  Spanish
    Physician’s Letter
    Release of Medical Information
    Release to Return to School