Late Bus Information

  • Parents of the approximately 20,000 School District of Collier County students who ride a school bus everyday are reminded of the easy ways to learn if their child’s bus is delayed on the trip home or to school. 

    • Look for the school bus icon and the “Late Bus Bulletin” link in the middle of the page (above). 
    • It appears any morning or afternoon that a school bus is running more than a half-hour behind schedule.  Just click on the Late Bus Bulletin sign to find out if, by chance, your child’s bus is running late. 
    • If more than one bus is late, a listing of the bus numbers that are delayed can be found. 
    • Late bus information is posted by the school bus dispatchers, the folks who are in touch with the bus drivers.


    If you have questions about school bus service, call your Zone Manager at Transportation:


    SOUTH COMPOUND                           6543 RATTLESNAKE HAMMOCK RD

    Zone 1  South Naples/Marco Island                                                        James Whittaker, Zone 1 Manager       377-0615

    Zone 2  East Naples/Golden Gate Elementary Schools                         Beth Lozano, Zone 2 Manager              377-0616


    NORTH COMPOUND                           5700 COUGAR LANE 

    Zone 3   Central Naples/ Golden Gate Secondary                                 Claudia Sanchez, Zone 3 Manager        377-0602

    Zone 4   North Naples                                                                            Sandy Martinez, Zone 4 Manager          377-9994


    ESTATES COMPOUND                       1655 CR 858 (OIL WELL RD)

    Zone 5    Golden Gate Estates                                                               Barbara Bender, Zone 5 Manager         377-0606



    Zone 6    Immokalee                                                                              Ana Echevarria, Zone 6 Manager         377-0662