Attention All Vendors and Contractors for CCPS:

     The purpose of this letter is to describe the way fingerprints are obtained for contractors, employees, subcontractors or agents who are subject to the Jessica Lundsford Act FS §1012.468.  Fingerprints are obtained using the services of an independent contractor. The process for payment of and making fingerprint appointments is outlined below.

    Prepayment and Registration


    You are required to visit the following website:

    Enter USER NAME: colrv

    Enter PASSWORD: Password1


    To Register:

    1.   LOCATE Company's Collier Vendor ID #

    2.   SCHEDULE Service at authorized fingerprinting Location

    3.   ENROLL personal data required to submit fingerprints. Employee must also register a government issued photo identification (i.e. Driver's License).

    4.   COMPLETE Collier Disclosure & Consent Form (Note: To complete the form, enter initials online and check the box to certify / acknowledge the statement)

    5.   PAY $93.85 ONLINE by PayPal, or credit card

    6.   OBTAIN SCHEDULE ID generated online.  Print the Confirmation page and bring it along with the specific Photo ID you registered to the fingerprinting location.


    Walk-ins without prepayment and registration cannot be served.  Fingerprints can’t be taken without prepayment and registration.


    Please Note: Badges are only issued upon confirmation of:

    ·        Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming the District School Board of Collier County as the additional insured

    ·        Approved contract with the District School Board of Collier County

    (Contract or COI Questions – Marta Massey in Legal Department 239-377-0499)                                     

    ·        Clearance of your employee’s fingerprints

    (Fingerprint Questions – Applicant Screening 239-377-0375)


    The contact person for your company will be notified when the badge is ready for pick-up at the Human Resources Office in the Administrative Center located at 5775 Osceola Trail, Naples, Florida. 


    All badges for contractor personnel no longer working for the company and all expired badges, must be collected from the employee and be returned to the District School Board of Collier County.  Badges shall only be used by the intended individual whom the badge was issued.  Any vendor found not in compliance with these requirements could be subject to the termination of their contract.


    If you have any questions you may contact the Office of Applicant Screening at (239) 377-0375.