Non-Instructional/Technical, Specialist/Student Worker/Coach Required Information


     Employment  Employment


    In addition to completing the CCPS online application and submitting your name for an available vacancy, your application must contain these additional items in order to be considered complete:
    1. Upload a copy of your high school diploma or GED. Some non-instructional positions may not require a high school diploma.
    2. Tutors, Paraprofessionals, and Assistants must meet No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirement to have:
      • Upload a copy of transcripts for two year degree completed or transcripts for Sixty (60) college credit hours, (upon being hired, official transcripts are required) OR
      • Applicants with foreign degrees shall have them evaluated by an accredited institution. Please review for a list of agencies.
      • Take and pass the Paraprofessional Assessment. For more information about the assessment, please contact  
    3. A copy of professional licenses and/or certificates, if applicable.

    Please note:

    • If a Letters of Recommendation is submitted with an application for employment, the letter must be signed and dated within one year of submission.
    • All recommendations for employment are contingent upon successful completion of the applicant screening process.
      • Prior employment references must be completed with an applicant’s current and/or most recent supervisor(s) prior to attending a new hire meeting.