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    Pathways to Enhanced Health



    For specific Pathways questions, please email May Cruz at MCruz@CHealthPartners.com


    Pathways to Enhanced Health is the District's wellness program, which is administered by Community Health Partners (CHP).  It is a voluntary program that allows employees to participate in incentive activities (blood draw, biometric screening, preventative screenings, etc.) to qualify for lower deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. The goal is simple - improving the health of our plan participants. The Pathways plan applies to all covered employees, including COBRA participants and retirees covered by the CCPS medical plan.

    All incentive activities are designed to promote good health and minimize or manage chronic or serious medical conditions. Pathways to Enhanced Health has three pathways: BasicCustom and Enhanced
    Click HERE for a comparison chart of the three Pathways.
    Click HERE for the Pathways Appeal Form.
    How do I participate in Pathways to Enhanced Health? 
    There are incentive activities (blood draw, biometric screenings, preventative screenings, etc.) that should be completed by a certain dates. For additional informaiton on these activities and deadlines, click the option below that applies to you. 
     What do I need to complete in 2021?
    Requirements and Deadlines     Requirements and Deadlines Requirements and Deadlines Requirements and Deadlines Requirements and Deadlines Requirements and Deadlines
    Beginning July 1st, new hires are now eligible to participate in the Pathways program.  If you are a new hire, click HERE.
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    Quest Coaches Preventative Screenings
    Nicotine Appeal Form