• Physical Therapy (PT) is a related service for students in the public school system who are eligible for an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program. The provision of related services for students with disabilities is intended to facilitate participation in educational programs. Our Licensed Physical Therapists, along with the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) team, determine the need for educationally relevant therapy based on individual student needs. Therapy in the educational environment is viewed as a continuum of services that encompasses a variety of service delivery models and intervention strategies. Physical Therapists provide intervention to eligible students whose difficulties in functional mobility, balance, gross motor skills, and endurance interfere with participation in school activities.
    Physical Therapists: 
    • provide treatment to increase muscle strength, mobility, and endurance;
    • focus on gross motor skills that rely on the large muscles of the body involved in physical movement and range of motion;
    • help to improve the student's posture, gait, and body awareness; and
    • monitor the function, fit, and proper use of mobility aids and devices. 
    Physical therapists are an important part of the collaborative team that supports students with disabilities to achieve success in school. 

    District Contact:

    Nichole Spencer, ESE Coordinator
    (239) 377-0513