Dress Code

  • Our goal at Veteran’s Memorial Elementary School is to provide the best educational environment possible for all children. Good taste and judgment govern the way children should be dressed for school. The following general guidelines should be adhered to:
    • Halter-tops, tube tops, short shorts, muscle shirts, midriff or backless shirts and blouses shall not be worn. Shoulder coverings must be at least two inches in width.

    • Tops must be three inches below the waistband or remain tucked in order that the midriff area is not exposed. No bare skin should be exposed at the waist or abdomen area.

    • Clothing must cover the chest area to ensure that cleavage is not exposed.

    • Clothing with inappropriate language or advertisement are not appropriate classroom attire.

    • Flip-flops and sandals without a back strap are not appropriate for playground or physical education classes because they can become a safety hazard. No heelys are allowed.

    • Appropriate dress for school includes pants that fit appropriately at waist level.

    • Shorts and skirts must be of a length that the wearers’ fingers do not touch skin below the fabric when standing straight.

    • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) should ensure that good personal hygiene is followed and that clothing and accessories are not distracting to the learning environment.