• Renewal Requirements
    PROFESSIONAL Educator's Teaching Certificate

    Click here to download the renewal requirements as a PDF document

    You MUST have a minimum of 120 Master Inservice Points.
    • One (1) semester hour of college credit or its equivalent twenty (20) Master Inservice Points (MIPs) MUST be in teaching students with disabilities (SWD).  This requirement   applies to ALL holders of a Florida professional educator’s certificate regardless of assignment or position, including teachers,  administrators, retirees, and charter school employees; however, it does not  increase the total renewal credit required.
    Complete all of your points and submit your Educator Certification application to the District Certification Office no later than January of your expiration year.
    • For questions on certification, please contact Karen Eby or Robbie Stanek at 377-0363.
    • You can locate your current number of master inservice points by logging into Data Warehouse and clicking on the “My Information” tab.  In the future this information will be accessible through iLearnU.


    Courses offered by the District Exceptional Student Education Department and Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) are advertised in iBriefings with registration available through iLearnU.  Many of these courses are open to all educators, with earned MIPs counting toward the new renewal requirement for a professional certificate.
    • Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) Island Coast Center offers free professional development alternatives (PDA) and other courses throughout the school year.

      -- The Teaching Students with Disabilities Online Module offered by FDLRS, provides 20 master inservice points for course completion. This training opportunity is posted in iBriefings.

      -- The State FDLRS Center offers online PDAs to supplement what is available locally. Click here for offerings.

    • Principals may choose to offer learning activities with focus on specific strategies and techniques that relate to instructing students with disabilities, utilizing for example, site-based special educators as trainers. For ideas, and for the training to count toward the required 20 MIPs, please follow the process outlined on the School-Based MIPs towards Teaching Students with Disabilities document.