Every student applying for scholarships should have a proper resume – not just a list of activities. Remember that this resume is being used to document your accomplishments, your activities, and your community service – NOT your characteristics or “skills”.

    The general essay needed for scholarships should have a specific format and flow.

    ·        Unique and interesting introduction – very short – needs to catch the reader’s attention

    ·        Very brief description of your family, especially if there is something special or unique about your family - - - PAST

    ·        Comments about what you have done in school – everything should be on your resume so you do not need to list everything but you can talk about how something you did has impacted/influenced you. - - - PRESENT

    ·        Educational and career goals – be specific - - - FUTURE

    ·        Do not discuss why you need this scholarship but discuss why you “deserve” this scholarship.

    ·        Always end with some type of thank you – either a thank you for the person reading your essay or a thank you for the person considering you for the scholarship.

    ·        MUST sign your essay when you include them with a scholarship application

    ·        The essay should be typed (font 12) double-spaced and NO longer than 2 pages

    The committee members should be able to easily read your resume and essay in less than 5 minutes and should be able to get a sense of your potential by those two documents in that short amount of time. Make them short but dynamic! See Ms. Moss if you have any questions – she will help you as long as you are willing to take her constructive criticism.”