Senior Essay (Personal Statement)


    Your senior essay should be 1 - 2 pages (typed, double spaced) and follow this outline.


    Try to come up with some unique way to start your essay – make a good first impression. It needs to be creative and unique to make the best impression!


    I.                   Personal and Family Background (1 – 2 paragraphs)

    A.   Make sure you include any special or unique situations.

    B.   You should include how many brothers and sisters you have but not their names. You could include if you are first, last or in the middle.

    C.   If you are the first in your family to graduate, make sure you include that information.


    II.                Your educational accomplishments, personal achievements, extracurricular involvement, and community contributions (1 – 3 paragraphs)

    A.   Make sure you include all academic and athletic awards you might have received.

    B.   If you have not been involved in school or community activities, make sure you explain why (responsibilities at home, etc.).

    C.   Make sure you include your strengths (character traits or educational strengths) or what makes you unique. * see below also


    III.             Your job or personal responsibilities (Only make this a separate paragraph if it is a special or unique situation. Otherwise, just include this information in the above paragraph(s).)


    IV.            Your goals, aspirations, dreams and ambitions (1 paragraph)

    A.   Include where you would like to attend school.

    B.   Include what you plan to study.

    C.   Include why you need scholarship money (if you do).

    D.   Possibly even include why you think you deserve a scholarship. * This is also where you could include your strengths as mentioned above.


    V.               How you plan to give back to your community when you achieve some success in the future (can be a separate paragraph or included in the one above)

    A.   Always include a “thank you” statement showing your appreciation for the scholarship committee considering you for their scholarship.


    After you have finished your essay, make sure someone proof reads it and you make any corrections necessary. You want to present yourself well to the scholarship committees so you want your essay to be as perfect as possible.


    Sign the essay after you have it edited and you are ready to use it for scholarships.