Guidance Resources

    Collier County Public Schools is proud to partner with Guidance Resources to offer all benefit-eligible employees the Emotional Wellness Program (EWP) services at NO COST. Guidance Resources partners with Community Health Partners' (CHP) Emotional Wellness Program, providing an integrated approach to support emotional wellness. Both Guidance Resources and CHP programs are confidential and HIPAA-compliant. Click HERE for more information on the Emotional Wellness Program.
    Guidance Resources is available 24/7
    For more information, call 1-855-801-8079
    Company Web ID: CCPSEWP
    Services available through Guidance Resources:
    • Confidential Counseling Services
    • Expert Legal Information
      • Family law
      • Wills
      • Bankruptcy
      • Estate planning
      • Real estate
      • ID theft
      • 30-minute in-person consultation
      • Discounted legal fees
    • Expert Financial Information
      • Budgeting
      • Income tax
      • Credit
      • Real estate
      • Debt
      • Retirement planning
    • Work-Life Balance 
      • Child and elder care
      • Educational options
      • Community information
      • Event planning
      • Home improvement
      • Buying/selling a home, relocation
      • Assistance with shopping and locating items
    • Online Support


    Additional Resources: