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    Collier County Public Schools has contracted with a network of providers to provide PPO services for you and your eligible dependents. A PPO is a group of physicians and hospitals contracted with your medical plan in an effort to reduce the effect of rising health care costs while providing you with quality care.

    The participating physicians and hospitals in the network have been carefully selected. The qualifications of each health care provider have been reviewed so that you and your dependents will be provided quality care at a fee significantly less than is common in the geographic area in which you live. The final choice of health care providers is yours. However, if you receive services from a health care provider included in the PPO, the plan's co-payment/co-insurance may be increased, which may decrease the amount you must pay.

    Collier County Public Schools provides access to local and national networks. Community Health Partners provides local network access within Collier County. GWH-CIGNA Open Access Plus provides network access outside the Collier County area.


    For Services Within Collier County:




    Community Health Partners (CHP) is the local provider network for services received within Collier County. Click the link below to be directed to the CHP web search page.

    Community Health Partners 

    Once on the CHP webpage, click on:

    • Find a Physician to search for a physician by speciality or last name
    • Find a Facility to search for a type of facility
    • Provider Directory for an updated list of in-network providers, facilities, urgent care and walk-in centers


    *Please check this site PRIOR TO having any procedure to be certain your provider and facility are in network.

    *If your doctor is in network, but the facility they're operating under is out of network, you will pay the higher out of network costs for any services provided by the facility. It's also important to ask for the rates PRIOR TO having a procedure done as some facilities charge higher rates than others. BE A GOOD SHOPPER!



    For Services Outside Collier County:


    GWH-CIGNA Open Access Plus is the provider network for services received outside of Collier County.

    Click the link below to be directed to the GWH-CIGNA Open Access Plus.

    GWH-CIGNA Open Access Plus

    Once you are on the search page, select Find a "Doctor" or "Hospital, Pharmacy or Facility", then under Select a Plan, choose Medical then choose the OAP option for Open Access Plus, OA Plus, Choice Fund OA Plus.


    *If you choose a provider or facility that is "eligible" in the Cigna network (through Allegiance) AND they are in Collier County, they MUST participate in the LOCAL network through Community Health Partners to be treated as in-network.