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We have made a change! COVE is now COLLIER VIRTUAL SCHOOL!



    We have made changes to our part-time virtual program! 

    COVE is now Collier Virtual School (CVS)!  


    CVS now offers Florida Virtual School (FLVS) course content but with our own local teachers!  Students starting a HOPE, Personal Fitness, Spanish 1 or 2 course will use FLVS  content.  All students registered for any of these courses will start in the new platform on July 16 or August 13, 2019.  


    Students completing MJ Spanish Beginning can now register for MJ Spanish Intermediate online.  The course begins August 13, 2019, first student day of 2019-2020 school year.


     The site is currently under construction as we move from COVE to Collier Virtual School.

    Under construction