• Renewing Your Florida Professional Certificate

    Current CCPS Employees (including Charter Schools and Contracted Sites) with a teaching certificate that expires on June 30, 2021.

    To renew your current Florida teaching certificate you will complete the Florida Department of Education online application using the new Online Licensing Service site.  Paper applications are no longer accepted.
    1. Go to Florida Department of Education Online Licensing Service.
    2. Click Begin Here for Sign-up to create a new online user account and retrieve your temporary password sent via email.
    3. Enter your User ID and password then click Sign In to access this secure site.
    4. Once successfully signed in, educators will be prompted to complete an Initial Onboarding process to match your account to existing Florida certification records. Your social security number and date of birth are required to complete the onboarding process.
    5. The Quick Start Menu provides you a choice of options available based on your current Florida certification record.
    6. Choose the application option 5 Year Renewable Professional - Renewal Application.  Click on Select.
    7. Complete the application by entering your information as requested in each of the application sections.
    8. Verify and attest via Affidavit that the information you enter is true, accurate, and complete.
    9. After submitting your online application, send a check, money order (made payable to CCPS) or a *payroll deduction form for $75.00 to the Certification Department. *Payroll Deduction form may only be used by full-time CCPS staff.


    For step by step instructions on completing the FL DOE application - Click here

    Additional In-Service Renewal Requirements:   In-Service Renewal Requirements

    For additional information on renewing your certificate contact the Certification Department or visit the Florida Department of Education: DOE Renewal Requirements
    The NEW Reading Requirement applies to a Florida Professional Certificate with an expiration date of June 30, 2025 or later.  If your certificate has an expiration date of June 30, 2021 through June 30, 2024 this requirement will not affect your upcoming renewal requirements.  More information will be posted on this website regarding the Reading renewal requirement after July 1, 2020.