• Instructions: How to Login to iLearnU
    • To login to iLearnU, click here or click on the CCPS Portal icon located on your desktop.
      CCPS Portal  

    • If you do not see the CCPS Portal icon on your desktop, open the Google Chrome browser and got to: portal.collierschools.com
       Chrome Browser
    • Once you log in, verify you have successfully logged into the portal by checking the upper right corner of your browser screen. If you see your name and employee badge picture, you are logged in.
    • Under the "Employee" section, click on the iLearnU icon. You will be re-directed to the iLearnU registration system and will not need to log in again.
       ilearn icon
    • Search for the training for which you have been directed to register. You can do this by entering ANY of the following criteria in the "Search" text box:
      -- Name of Training
      -- Coordinator or Instructor's FIRST or LAST Name
      -- Curriculum Category (example: "Math")
    • Forgot your network username and password?  
      Please call the Help Desk @ 7-0445

    • Having issues locating the training once you are logged into iLearnU?  
      Please call the curriculum coordinator that is responsible for the training.

    • Can't get into iLearnU after following the steps outlined above?
      Please call Clarissa Langston @ 7-0021 or email langstcl@collierschools.com.