• Enrollment / Graduation Verification

    Requests are processed on a first come, first served basis, and usually take two to five business days to complete. However, because of a high volume of requests at the start/end of each school year, verifications can take as long as one week.
    Enrollment/Graduation verifications may include dates of enrollment, graduation date, and diploma earned. To verify courses taken and grades received, an official transcript must be ordered from the Records Department.
    Enrollment/Graduation verifications will not be completed over the phone.  Submit your enrollment/graduation verification requests along with a signed student release of information to:
    Email:  records@collierschools.com  (preferred)     OR      Fax:  (239) 377-0551
    The following information should be included on your request for enrollment/graduation verification:
    • Complete First and Last name
    • Former/maiden name (if applicable)
    • Date of Birth
    • Year of graduation or attendance
    • Last school attended
    • Daytime phone number and/or email where the requestor can be reached if there are any questions regarding this request.
    • An exact address, email, or fax to which the enrollment certification should be delivered.