Submitting a Flyer for Consideration

  • Guidelines:

    • Organizations must submit an electronic version of their flyer by the 25th of each month for posting the following month.
    • Approved flyers will be posted for one calendar month.
    • Flyers may be posted for multiple months but must be resubmitted each month by the deadline and reapproved.
    • Requestors will be notified by e-mail of approval/disapproval.
    • Submitted flyers must be consistent with the educational mission and purpose of the District.
    • All activities or information posted must be age-appropriate for District students.

    Flyers posted are for informational purposes only and are not District-sponsored events. Posting does not imply District endorsement of them.

    Questions? Please call Jennifer Kupiec at 377-0180 or via e-mail at