• Palmetto Ridge A-Team

    Club Description

    Academic Team, or A-Team, is a trivia competition which involves subjects such as math, science, humanities, fine arts, current events, and geography.

    Students are grouped into teams of four and try to answer more questions correct than the other team(s) they are competing against. There are three rounds, usually with twenty questions in each one, and at the end, the team with the highest score wins.

    There are several competition dates and types, including a tournament-style match, a televised competition, and an individually scored competition. More recently, due to COVID-19, there have now been online tournaments hosted via Discord as well. Usually, competitions are on Saturday mornings. Due to the size of our overall team, we often split into a Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) team in order to give everyone a fair chance to answer questions. The Varsity team can be any grade, but JV is only Freshmen and Sophomores. We also pick the teams
    for the day based on who shows up at the competitions.


    The PRHS A-Team meets every Tuesday via Cisco WebEx. The link to this meeting is colliercountyschools.WebEx.com/meet/chapmaal. Please copy and paste this link into your browser; hyperlinks will not work to WebEx meetings from here.


    We are collectiong $20 dues for the year. Here is the link To Pay $20 for the 2021-2022 A-Team Club Dues  on-line: https://ccps.revtrak.net/high-schools/palmetto-ridge-high-school/prhs-clubs/prhs-a-team/

    Or you can pay in-person if you include your name & id#.  Checks need to include your name, student id#, and two working phone numbers.

    Competition Types


    COVID-19 has changed a lot in the world, and A-Team is no exception. We hope the following competitions will return for the next school year, but as of right now there is still much uncertainty surrounding these events. For the time being, we have been participating in many online tournaments via Discord, which allows us to continue competing safely. Some of the Scholar Bowl tournaments have been hosted in person as well. What happens for next year is highly tentative, so please refer to these competitions as a best-case scenario.

    Scholar Bowl

    This is the most common A-Team competition. Three Saturdays of the school year, we meet in the lobby of the Martin Luther King Building at Barron Collier High School (the Admin Center), at 9:00 AM. The matches start at 9:30, but it is a good idea to get there early so that we can decide on the teams for the day and not be the last school to arrive.

    The competition consists of three rounds: a four-point round, an eight-point round, and a twelve-point round. In every round, the team of four will have the chance to answer twenty trivia-type questions and will try to outbuzz the other four or five teams from other schools. Some questions will have handouts which are used to ask or answer the questions, and others are multiple-part questions, both of which require more work.

    After each round, there is a team question, which is usually somewhere between ten and twenty questions, and worth one to three points per question. The entire team works together on this. Afterward, while the judges tally up the points, any members on the team may be substituted for other members. We usually substitute new members in every round so that more people can compete.

    • In the four-point round, each correct answer awards the team four points. Each incorrect answer costs the team two points.
    • In the eight-point round, each correct answer awards the team eight points. Each incorrect answer costs the team four points.
    • In the twelve-point round, each correct answer awards the team twelve points. Each incorrect answer costs the team six points.

    Scholar Bowl Tournament

    The tournament works in the same way that the normal scholar bowl competitions work. If you participate in the Varsity tournament, you may not participate in the JV tournament.

    Commissioner Academic Challenge (CAC)

    This is a state-wide competition in which you must try out for after the competition on December 5th, or on the alternate tryout date. It is basically an advanced team for A-Team, but district-wide, instead of just from one school. If you get in, you will have to attend practices for that team as well as or instead of this one and will do other competitions without the members from this school. The CAC tournament is in Orlando, and if you go, you will be able to go to Disney as well as take part in the actual competition.

    Lee County Televised A-Team Tournament (Televised Match)

    This is the only competition, currently, that takes place on a school day. It is on television and is hosted by Weatherman Robert van Winkle. It is a single-elimination tournament with several Lee County schools. This also has three rounds, although you do not lose points for answering questions incorrectly.

    John Schudel Memorial A-Team Tournament (Arcadia Competition)

    The Arcadia competition is different from all the other A-Team competitions because each team member is scored individually, in addition to the overall team score. Each school can have multiple teams of up to four members, although substitution is allowed. You do not lose points for answering a question incorrectly here unless you interrupt the judges. You can, however, get extra points if you answer before the question is finished.

    Each team's overall points are used to calculate the team's ranking, not how many matches they won, although the team with the most wins usually comes in first. Additionally, judges keep track of which student answers which question, and the three students who answer the most questions correctly win $750, $500, and $250, for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively. 

    Helpful Links

    How to Join

    Contact Mrs. Chapman

    Mrs. Chapman, the club sponsor, can be reached at chapmaal@collierschools.com. Please send her an email to be added to the Canvas course for A-Team.


    Thank you for your interest in A-Team! We hope to see you soon!