•  Click Here for a suggested timeline to complete requirements to move from a Temporary Certificate to a Professional Certificate.
    Moving from a Florida Temporary Certificate
    to a Professional Certificate
    • If you hold a Florida Temporary Certificate, you must apply for the initial five-year Professional Certificate by submitting the Online Application Form through the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE).  
      •  The application for the initial Professional Certificate is valid for one year from the date of receipt by the FLDOE. 



    • The FLDOE will process the application and issue the Professional Certificate, if documentation of all requirements are on file with the FLDOE.  If there are deficiencies, a letter is mailed outlining all remaining requirements for the Professional Certificate. 


    • Test Score Reports - The testing office electronically submits certification examination passing scores to the DOE. 


    • Official Transcripts - If college courses were required and completed to satisfy Professional Certificate requirements, you must submit official transcripts of the courses completed to the FLDOE.   


    • College Teaching Experience - Completion of two (2) semesters of full-time college teaching experience or the equivalent in part-time teaching experience may meet some of the requirements to move toward the Professional Certificate.  For further information see College Teaching Experience. 


    • Timely Completion of Requirements - The Temporary Certificate holder is expected to complete all requirements for the Professional Certificate during the validity period of the Temporary Certificate.  Collier County Public Schools requires completion of requirements by March 15th of the year your Temporary certificate expires for contract renewal and continued employment in the following school year. 


    • Please note that the Bureau of Educator Certification is authorized to issue the Professional Certificate contiguous to the Temporary Certificate if all Professional Certificate requirements, including application submission, are completed no later than June 30th of the year immediately after the expiration of the Temporary Certificate. However, as explained in the preceding paragraph, this timeline does not ensure continued employment with CCPS. 


    • State Board of Education Rules do not permit the issuance of “back-to-back” Temporary Certificates.  Only a Professional Certificate will be issued for the school year immediately following the validity period of the Temporary Certificate.