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    Our school nutrition programs provide nutritious, balanced meals that can help your child reach and maintain a healthy body composition as they grow in both stature and knowledge. The meals we serve to your child, through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, meet or exceed all of the nutrient standards of the USDA National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. Age appropriate portion sizes, whole grains, zero trans fats, limited saturated fats and a variety of vegetables and fruits are featured on our weekly menus.

    Each school offers a variety of healthy entrees; fat free and low-fat milk; whole grain breads and breakfast products; plus a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables every school day. The meals we offer are provided in age-appropriate serving sizes. Our school serving lines are among the healthiest places to eat in the state of Florida. No “super sizing” and portion distortion here! Our meals are prepared with the utmost of care following all food safety precautions. Nutrition Services Staff at every school are trained and certified in ServSafe, a nationally recognized food safety program from the National Restaurant Association. This year, we continue to focus on Farm to School Fresh Produce every school day. Even more whole grains and more choices of fruits and vegetables are available for your child.

    The Department of Nutrition Services is concerned about the health of your child. At this time of soaring food costs, we hope that you will take advantage of our reasonably priced school meals, $2.00 for elementary student lunch and $2.25 for secondary student lunch. Reduced priced lunch is offered at no charge again this year.

    We continue to offer breakfast at no charge to all Collier County PreK-12 students. Research reinforces what teachers already know - students who eat breakfast are prepared to learn, have improved test scores and behave better in the classroom. We believe in the importance of starting the day well-nourished and ready to learn. Breakfast is planned to meet ¼ of the child’s daily nutritional requirements.

    You can conveniently prepay for your child’s meals with a credit or debit card via Internet at MySchoolBucks.

    To give you and your child an opportunity to read the menus together, our new interactive menu is available complete with nutrition content, descriptions, photos and allergen information at Collier Schools MealViewer. School meals can improve your child’s nutritional well-being and save your family those hard-earned dollars. Many find that school lunch is less expensive than a lunch of equal nutritional value prepared and packed at home.

    Our breakfast and lunch menus offer a variety of healthy foods that are freshly prepared and reasonably priced. Participating in school breakfast and lunch ensures that your child is receiving age appropriate and nutritionally balanced meals. The new USDA Food-Based Meal Patterns are in place and all of the guidelines required by the Healthy, Hunger Free Legislation are followed. Be sure to contact your child’s school to learn how you can support the District Wellness Policy which encourages a healthy school environment, daily exercise and the consumption of nutritious foods!

    The Department of Nutrition Administrative Staff

  • Good to know! - Menu and Meal Prices

    Breakfast is available to ALL CCPS students (Kindergarten through 12th grade) at NO charge.
    Regular priced lunch is $2.00 for elementary students and $2.25 for secondary students. Adult breakfast meals are priced at $1.50 and the adult lunch price is $3.00.
    Meals are priced at a unit and include well balanced, healthy and tasty selections sure to please even picky eaters.